United we stand…

If there’s no such thing as facts or data; if nothing can be known and we’re all just groping in the dark, each living in our own private manufactured planet operating by our own particular flavor of physics, why on Earth would one choose greed over generosity, fear over hope, anger over love ? If we’re all just making this shit up anyway, why don’t we make it beautiful and glorious? If we’re all going to make mistakes, why don’t we err on the side of peace and love and justice for all?

The dark side (and it is indeed that whether it is evil or just fear) would have you believe that life is a zero-sum game. That for someone’s stomach to be full, someone else’s needs to be empty. That for you to breathe a sigh of contentment someone else somewhere else must moan in despair.

I vow to reject this thesis. I ask you to join me in imagining and creating through sheer force of will a world of sufficiency. There must be enough love for us all. There is in fact enough food and oxygen and water for everyone. We are not captive in a sinking lifeboat with insufficient rations. We don’t have to cannibalize each other’s bodies and souls to ensure our survival. Rather we are interdependent stewards of all that is alive. Your pain is my pain; my joy is yours. Do not let voices of fear separate us.

United we stand. Divided we fall. True of these United States; true of what we can best be in our truest expression of humankind’s potential.

Do not cede your dreams. Do not cede our language.



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