Love that is not anemic…

The hard thing is not to stop in the place of fear. But to take the step beyond. The hard thing is to let the anger rise hot and ferocious from within. The hard thing is then to let it slip, unspent, through your fingers, through your limbs, allowing its departure to leave you with the calm and the clarity and the conviction for action. This space it leaves behind, we fill with love. Fierce love, committed love, convicted love. Love that will fuel our steps, our decisions, our actions.

Love that is not anemic. Love that does not wait to fill us with the rapturous, giddy, incandescent Joy. Love that is a fierce commitment to live and to be present and to clasp hands with others and swallow the world in our vision for justice, for self realization, and for the flowering of all life.

This is within us. Within each of us. Whatever view of the world we currently cling to in our all-too-human hope to be safe and make sense of it all. This love, this strength, this community — we only have to let it bloom from within. It only takes a tiny tentative tendril — if you let it see the light it will reach for mine and together the vine it will create will sustain us all. Allow it to be.


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